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In the Family Way

I just love that old-fashioned term from the movie 'An Education'...

I know it has been ages since I've posted on this LJ, but it feels like an opportune time. I am currently 30 weeks and a bit gestation, which means little 'Shabubu', our name for our foetus, will be here in about 10 weeks. But who knows exactly... Hopefully I will go to term, because I have been watching too many scary prem baby shows on Discovery Home and Health in the last couple of weeks. I guess having a singleton in there does decrease the chance of a premature baby.

My hubby, Mondyboy to you all, has been the most fabulous almost-father anyone could ask for. Unfortunately, he has had to pack up the majority of his expansive book and DVD collection to make room for all the baby paraphenalia, but he has done so without a whinge. He is so, so excited and can't help kissing my belly, talking to my belly and rubbing my belly at every conceivable moment. Of course, Shabubu is kicking madly at this time and I think, loves the attention.

I have, thankfully, had a very easy pregnancy. No morning sickness at the beginning (just a bit off on those very hot days), some heinous headaches in my second trimester, and some back and pelvic pain. I do not have gestational diabetes, which I was particularly worried about due to my love of all things chocolate and icecream. Bub is growing well so far, and is moving, hiccuping and dancing all the time.

We braved Baby Bunting on Sunday and ordered lots of baby stuff. What a relief to have the pram decided! I like to be organised, and will start gathering incidentals when I go on maternity leave in 4 weeks time - and yes, I am counting down. I am getting tired and a bit slower now that I am a lot bigger. I even am bumping into things and forgetting things more often.

So that's the baby update. Fingers crossed the next 9-10 weeks will go as smoothly.


Sesame Street: Mad Men

We're happy men!

~Vintage Glam Makeup~

For fearofemeralds :)

Back to School Makeup: Fun and Flirty!

oooh, purple...

Fool-proof way to Apply Fake Lashes

I had trouble the one (and only) time I tried to apply false eyelashes. Maybe this will help!

When you feel like a pick-me-up

When I do, I normally go online makeup shopping. I can highly recommend All Cosmetics for cheap o/s brands online. You can visit their website at http://www.allcosmeticswholesale.com/

Postage is by weight, and isn't too expensive. This is a great place to get MAC lippies and eyeshadows which are prohibitively expensive here in Oz. Products usually come in a week, and then customer service is good from my experience.

I also favour Strawberry Net for other brands, like Laura Mercier and Estee Lauder. For Benefit cosmetics, it is often best to order from the US website directly. Prices are as much as 50% cheaper, and you can get free worldwide shipping and gifts if you spend enough.

I'm trying another website called Rock the Catwalk - fingers crossed that the products come as described and quickly too.


Sexy, Classy Everyday Makeup!

My hubby suggested that people might be interested in my favourite Youtube makeup gurus that I like to look at regularly. I recommend Makeup Geek (see this video) - she's my fave. Also Allthatglitters21, panacea81 and lollipop26 are also all great, but I have about 20 subscriptions :)

More films

I managed to get through another 3 films on my own on Saturday and Sunday.

I watched Mamma Mia as promised, and fast-forwarded throught most of the cringe-worthy song and dance routines. Who ever okayed Pierce Brosnan to sing, should never be allowed to work in Hollywood again. The whole thing was fluffy and slightly reflux-inducing. At least the main actress, playing Sophie, was decent in her role. I much preferred 'Across the Universe' a much better example of a band's songlist come to life in the movie musical genre - but I'm biased, I will always be a Beatles girl at heart.

The next film I watched was 'Then She Found Me' - a sweet romantic comedy/drama about middle aged love, loss, pregnancy and Colin Firth. Yes, it was my second Colin Firth film of the weekend, and he's as yummy in this one too! Some of it was quite sad, hitting a bit too close to home, while other scenes appeared to be poorly written or clunkily performed. This may be because it was the directorial debut of Helen Hunt, who also starred, wrote and produced this film, and may have been quite stretched.

And the last film of the night was 'Teeth', a schlocky teen horror pic from 2007 with a very interesting, intriguing premise. Part of it was laugh-at-loud - some for good reason (the blackest of humour) while other parts were funny just due to the sheer craziness of the storyline. If you are put off by gore or genitalia on film, this may not be for you. My husband is yet to see this but he plans to now, especially after I cheered at the ending!

Really bad movies

For some reason, at the moment, I have this sudden urge to watch really, really bad movies. I know that this is a habit that my husband shares as well. Due to our lovely Foxtel HD, I can easily record whichever films I like and then watch them during my free time.

On the weekend, I watched 'I Know Who Killed Me' - the multi-Razzie nominated film starring Lindsay Lohan, who plays a stripper/ordinary college girl who has multiple personality disorder, and falls victim to an amputee-obsessed serial killer. Yes, it really is as bad as it sounds, but I wanted to know what all the fuss is about. As one reviewer says 'I wanted it to be gloriously bad, camp-classic bad, and the movie is too ineptly artsy and unpleasant to make it.' You can read more reviews at Rotten Tomatoes, who gave it a whopping 8%.

Last night, I watched 'Alvin and the Chipmunks', which I used to love as a cartoon as a child. I did enjoy hearing some of the original songs again, but man, was that a bad one...

Next on the list is Mamma Mia - and I HATE Abba with a passion. It must be because I'm a 1981 baby, too cool for the 70s cheesy dance-pop, eh? ;) I'm sure I will find it equally as awful!